International Prize Il Teatro Nudo di Teresa Pomodoro

NO’HMA Association and the Township of Milan presents the IX edition of the International Prize Il Teatro Nudo di Teresa Pomodoro.

Il Teatro Nudo (The Naked Theatre) is a theater that breaks with the aestheticism, it’s human breath, in a scene that does not suffocate thought with tinsels and emotion. A theater that comes from the blackmail of abundance and ostentation; a theater which does not bend to the appearance, to the codes of a community: it goes down, naked, in the meanings, in the exploration of human and society he has created, with a curious and disenchanted look.

The Prize aims to contribute to promote those forms of “theatre of inclusion” which brings the performing arts to the heart of society, restoring to the theatre its value of experience, a chance to growth and sharing, open to all individuals regardless of their age, status, gender or geographical provenance.

The Prize is dedicated to the memory of Teresa Pomodoro, who first conceived and gave life to an idea of theatre open to all the artistic cross-overs. At Spazio Teatro NO’HMA in Via Orcagna, such contaminations ideally blend into performances, events and encounters allowing the theatre to fill the gap between outsiders, making them protagonists on its stage. Thus, regaining its ethical function, it’s not just mimesis but first and foremost catharsis, according to Aristotelian tradition.

In this way NO’HMA celebrates the originality of Teresa Pomodoro’s suggestion, to discover all around the World what it means to bring on the stage issues ordinarily left out: it’s a theatre that gives voice to exclusion, abandonment, social degradation, lack of communication between individuals. Taking its cue from Teresa Pomodoro’s Meta-Theatre, NO’HMA seeks out and promotes experiences speaking out for life, overcoming prejudice and cultural barriers. Inclusion means welcoming the other through a theatre which goes beyond, searching for the deep meaning of dignity, humanity and values that we all can share.

The creation of the Prize is added to the already versatile activity that the Theatre has carried out since its inception, becoming its “heart” and a further link to the World.

For the Township of Milan it represents a further enrichment of its policy aimed to support and promote the City’s theatrical awards which are relevant also at national level. These rewards further encourage the lively theatre scene that makes Milan the country’s capital for the performing arts, also as a contribution to a system of Entertainment in transformation.

The Prize’s V edition gathered, over a span of four months, 63 contributions, both national and international, assessed by a Commission consisting of Magda Poli, Antonio Calbi and Livia Pomodoro.

The international Panel of the Prize in its 2009 edition – Eugenio Barba, Lev Dodin, Jonathan Mills, Luca Ronconi, with Livia Pomodoro as chairwoman – awarded the first prize to Ubu Buur, by Teatro delle Albe, assigning a sculpture of the artist Kengiro Azuma to the director Marco Martinelli.

Also, the shows Un paese di stelle e sorrisi, by Compagnia Mosika, and Fratello Clandestino, directed by Mimmo Sorrentino, were awarded by a special mention of the jury, which gave them two small sculptures by Maestro Kengiro Azuma.

The II edition showed the great interest and the participation in the International Prize Teresa Pomodoro, picking up again several proposals. The International Panel Prize, 2010 edition – Eugenio Barba, Lev Dodin, Jonathan Mills, Lluis Pasqual, Peter Stein, Luca Ronconi, chaired by Livia Pomodoro – proclaimed as winner the show BRAT. Cantieri per un’opera rom, Koreja Theatre Company, directed by Salvatore Tramacere, was honored with sculpture of Kengiro Azuma. The shows, Hecho en el Peru, Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani, Tagheire directed by Salvino Raco and Io sono, directed by Ola Cavagna, have received the special mention of the Jury, two small sculptures of the Master Kengiro Azuma as well.

The 2011 edition confirmed and amplified the success of previous editions and proposed the performances of the three-works selected by the jury, during the evenings event that ushered in the new season of the Theatre Space NO’HMA.

The International Panel Prize – Eugenio Barba, Lev Dodin, Jonathan Mills, Lluis Pasqual, Peter Stein, Luca Ronconi, increased by the prestigious contribution of Frédéric Flamand (choreographer and now director) and chaired by Livia Pomodoro – decreed the victory of Nessuno può coprire l’ombra, awarding a sculpture of the Master Kengiro Azuma to the director Mandiaye N’Diaye. Studio sulle Serve, il crepuscolo della coscienza, directed by Francesco Mazza received the second prize, while S.A.T. Sole, Acqua, Terra gained the third place, with the choreography of Mama Diop. Moreover, an object-sculpture of the same Azuma was given as a gift to the performances recommended by the jury. Special mentions were awarded by the jury to Le lacrime del cielo di Agosto, directed by Ados Ndombasi, and to The syringa tre,directed by Larry Moss and Rita Maffei.

The IV edition opened, as usual, the new season of Spazio Teatro NO’HMA, proposing the performances of the three-works selected by the Panel, in the same composition as the previous year. The first prize, a sculpture of the master Kengiro Azuma, was awarded to Caminos Invisibles…La partida, of the Brazilian company Nova de Teatro, directed by Carina Casuscelli; El olivo, Teatro Nino Proletario from Santiago de Chile, directed by Luis Guenel, received the second prize, while third place went to W l’…Noi non sapevamo, by and with Egidia Bruno.

Special mentions were bestowed to Italianesi, by Saverio la Ruina, to La patria nuova, by Gruppo Teatro Comunitario di Pontelagoscuro and to Samira alla prova, a project carried out by Isadac di Rabat (Morocco) with Asociacìon Josè Estruch RESAD (Madrid, Spain) and Piccolo Teatro di Milan (Italy).

In 2013, for the V edition of the International Prize, the exceptional Panel, unchanged in composition, has given these awards: 1st prize, a sculpture of Kengiro Azuma, to 3 in 1 of the Yes Theatre (Palestine), which illustrates the difficulties to perform in Palestine, showing a slice of daily life in the most complicated land in the World. The 2nd prize was assigned to Lamerica by Giampaolo Samà, Buenos Vientos Producciones (Italy/Argentina): it’s a tribute to the millions of human beings looking for a state of “better” life since ancient times, driven away from their lands by hunger, misery and wars. The 3rd prize was won by Due passi sono, by Giuseppe Caruso and Cristina Minasi (Italy): the play tells the story of two small humans, a man and a woman, on the big stage of existence. Special mentions were attributed to Lo splendore dei supplizi by Fibre Parallele (Italy), Maiden in Costa Rica by Divano Occidentale Orientale (Italy/Costa Rica), In between by Asli Bostanci (Turkey), Chi non lavora, non by Linguaggicreativi (Italy).

However, thanks to MILAN EXPO 2015, the VI edition of the Prize, in 2014, changed in part its formula: not just a selection of the best works received and then presented to the public but a real season that crossed the Spazio Teatro NO’HMA’s programming, from October 2014 to October 2015. The selected shows had each two performances, twice a month, on Wednesdays and Thursdays and they were evaluated by two juries: the Jury of Spectators and the Jury of Experts.

The first one was composed by the usual audience of No’hma Theatre; the second Jury, which counted among its members the lamented and irreplaceable master Luca Ronconi, was composed by: Eugenio Barba (Odin Teatret, Holstebro, Denmark), Lev Dodin (Maly Teatr, St. Petersburg, Russia), Sotiris Hatzakis (National Theatre, Greece), Jonathan Mills (Edinburgh International Festival, Scotland), Enzo Moscato (author and actor, Italy), Lluís Pasqual (director, Spain), Luca Ronconi (director, Italy), Peter Stein (director, Germany), and Livia Pomodoro, the President of the Jury.

The VII edition of the International Prize has accompanied the entire 2015/2016 season of NO’HMA, and the works were evaluated by the jury of spectators, holding the Passport to Culture, and by the Jury of Experts.

The panel was composed by: Eugenio Barba (Odin Teatret in Holstebro, Denmark), Lev Dodin (Maly Teatr of Saint Petersburg, Russia), Ruth Heynen (director of Union des Theatres de l’Europe), Ludovic Lagarde (Director of the Centre Dramatique National Comedie de Reims, France), Statis Livathinos (National Theatre, Greece), Enzo Moscato (author and actor, Italy), Lluís Pasqual (director, Spain), Tadashi Suzuki (director Suzuki Company of Toga, Japan), President of the jury is Livia Pomodoro.

The awards ceremony took place in November 2016. Dreamspell, directed by Utopia Theatre from Lithuania, won the 1st reward, assigned by the Panel of International Prize.  Regarding the Jury composed by the spectators, Paladini di Francia, produced by Cantieri Teatrali Koreja, has been awarded.

 For the VIII edition, the unchanged Panel of International Prize confirmed the formula of EXPO 2015: the shows exhibited by the twelve candidates – selected by the unchanged Selection Committee – will be a real part of the program of the next season of Spazio Teatro No’hma Teresa Pomodoro.

The award ceremony will take place in November 2017.